Hello BAWLSers!

If you are reading this blog entry it’s probably because you have already browsed through our super cool new website, and if you haven’t- well, what are you waiting for? We are ecstatic to present you, our fans with this new site intended to be interactive, informative and most importantly fun. You’ll have all types of nifty little features that will enable you to learn about the BAWLS company and products, communicate with the BAWLS Team via our contact forms (which never go unread, btw), stay updated on events and happenings in the BAWLS world, find BAWLS in your state (and watch as we grow) and even try a few tasty drink recipes. We are most excited, and you will be too, about the BAWLSwag portion of the site which we are fine tuning for the big reveal. There will be a ton of BAWLS branded gear for you to purchase and wear/gift, proudly of course. If you want to be in on the behind the scenes work, here’s your chance. Send us an email to info@bawls.com with any BAWLS branded items that you would like to buy or have available on our swag page and we’ll see what we can do about gettin’ it done. We love to hear from you guys and we love the way you think. Tell your friends about our new site and drop us a line on FB, we would love to hear from you.
Stay fueled dear friends.
And thank you for continuing to fuel your caffeine fix with BAWLS Guarana.


  • chris


    So I called the Lopez place on the dallas locator, I do not think that company exists anymore. It was for some furniture delivery company, not named Lopez. How can I find some bawls in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Thanks

    • admin


      Hey Chris, Our bad! We removed their information from our locator page. Thanks for the heads up. Please know we're working hard on getting product back out into the Dallas/Ft. Worth area ASAP. As a side note, we'll be attending QuakeCon in Dallas later this summer and we'll have TONS of BAWLS so there. If by then the shelves are still dry, there's always the option of coming to QC to stock up.

  • Ian


    First got into bawls back in 2004 we used to have to drive an hour and a half to pick it up in Hays, ks by the case for lan parties and personal use. Its been a bit sad to not see it for many years now except for a very short stent about a month in a few gas stations. Living in Kansas sucks where the closest place to hit up is 6 hours and 2 states away. Any way to get a place in the KS area it would really help your distribution hole out here in the mid west.

  • Chipper_Z


    I'm trying to find out where I can buy BAWLS products in Jacksonville, Florida. Zip Code is 32073 to 32256. Please help. We used to be able to buy it from the local Shell gas stations, Publix supermarkets and Target. Now none of them carry BAWLS. All they have to offer is that noxious sludge Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and various other industrial cleaning fluids marketed as energy drinks. The sleepy and slow of reflex in Florida are in dire straits! Help me find it locally so I can save my friends before it's TOO LATE! THANKS! CZ

    • admin


      Hi Chipper, we're being told that our sales gurus have a deal in the pipeline that might put some BAWLS on store shelves in your area soon. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for the continued support.

  • Brian


    i have a 7-11, and we currently carry bawls. we've been getting ours from some wholesale warehouse store since we cant get in contact with the dallas distributors anymore. we call them but they never respond or call back. its been like this for couple months now. we are down to our last case or two and we would love to continue to carry your product. it also seems the wholesale place has ran out also. it sells very well. so im wondering if you could reach out to the distributor in dallas and see whats up? or if yall are working on getting new ones.

  • Chris


    I see a delivery service in Dallas, Tx on the locator. What exactly does that mean? Can I order through them or how does that work? Also, Target here used to carry the cans, what happened to that?

    • admin


      Hi Chris, That means that we have a distribution partner in that area that services your local stores. Just ask your local stores to reach out to them and start carrying our products. Thanks, BAWLS.

  • thomas


    hi bawls,i want the price ,to enter to where i stay in africa ,so is that possible ,i can send for me in that email address so i can contact in privately. thanks thomas

  • Nettey


    So, I know Bawls used to be carried at the local 7-11's here in good ol' Buffalo, NY. I just checked the locator and NY is grayed out =( This makes me sad! There's a few local Gaming stores called Oogie Games here that sell different energy drinks with video game characters on it. I'm sure they would consider selling Bawls. I know I'd be the first to buy them all up. I'm going to have to look online to place an order. Hope to see you guys back in NY soon! :)

  • Mustaches pizz


    do you guys sponsor paintballers any more i remember back in 08 at chicago me and my brothers and some friends filled my friends little honda with bawls we had gear and drinks on our laps on our feet but you use to do stuff for halo hoppers and maybe if your willling to sponsor our ragtag team then yeah but probably no

    • admin


      Hi Mustaches, Ahhh, good times.... We accept sponsorship requests from all types of peeps, paintballers included. Fill one out the form here http://www.bawls.com/sponsorship-request-form/ and our sponsorship team will get back to you soon.

    • Chip


      I work for a local game store in Tulsa, OK looking to carry Bawls. I was curious if there is a distributor who could service this area.

      • admin


        Hi Chip, Unfortunately, at the present time we do not have a distribution partner that services Tulsa, but rest assured that our team is working on it and as soon as we have one in place, we'll let our fans know on our Facebook page. "Like us" and stay tuned for updates and news. BAWLS.

  • Jenna


    Sucks to hear the closest store to get Bawls is an hour away, that's too far! I used to be able to get them at a bagel shop in Bethlehem PA where I live, then they just stopped carrying it. What will it take to get it back in this area? I'm super shy! But I miss the taste of Bawls so much.

    • admin


      Hi Jenna, our friends at Alliance Beverage service the stores in your area. Please give them a shout and ask where they've been selling BAWLS near you. Their contact info is available on the locator tab of our website when you hover over the the state of PA. Good luck. And don't be shy, we all love BAWLS!

  • Kelly


    How do I find out if there are retailers in New Hampshire selling Bawls?

    • admin


      Oh dear Kelly. Sadly....heavy sigh.... New Hampshire is experiencing somewhat of a BAWLS drought these days. Our team is working tirelessly to bring BAWLS back to store shelves in areas like yours so please bear with us and keep the faith. In the meantime, perhaps you can order from one of our online retailers. You can find them on our locator page. Thanks for the continued support!

  • Brett in Hawaii


    I just moved out to the big island of hawaii. There isn't any Bawls out here! What can i do to get them here?

    • admin


      Hi Brett, Ask your local store owners to reach out to M&K Distributors, their contact info is on our locator tab. They currently sell BAWLS to stores on the Island of Kauai and may be a good starting point. If not, stock up next time you go to Kauai and enjoy!

  • Matt


    We want Bawls!! I work for Publix in Tn and we used to be able to order them, now they aren't in the system...why not?

    • admin


      Our Sales team is investigating and working on it... thanks for the heads up Matt.

  • Brian


    I live in South Florida and I used to be able to get Bawls at Publix but I can no longer find it in any store. Is there a way I can find a store selling Bawls and Geek Beer?

    • admin


      Hi Brian, Please contact our distributor in SoFla, Bounce Beverage (contact info available on our locator tab) and ask where they've been selling our delicious Guarana Goodness near you.

  • Justiin


    Your locator page just says: "Alternative content" and lists no US distibutors.... Is there any way to get this in alaska? Better yet, i would rather order direct, instead of bothering with fickle retailers that have no interst in keeping thier stock up to date. Thank you.

    • admin


      Hi Justin, We're sorry you're experiencing trouble with our locator page. We just tried accessing that particular page from several computers in our office and it works just fine on all of them. Will you give one more try? As a side note, if you're interested in ordering BAWLS products online, we also list our online retail partners on the lcoator page. Thanks for the conitnued support. BAWLS.

  • Bryce Scott


    Active Duty here, Been drinking Baws since Middle School, but I haven't had any for over 2 years! I miss you bawls! PFC Scott

    • admin


      PFC Scott, Call all your friends and fmaily and let them know our Military Packs are back in duty. Send them the link to our www.bawlswag.com page where they can purchase them for you! BAWLS.

  • Bryan Fleming


    Hi! I've been a fan of your product for years. I was wondering if you know of a retailer in San Antonio, Tx where I could pick up a few cases? I'm having a LAN party and I would like to have Bawls be avaiable to the gamers! Thank You!!!

    • admin


      You can call our friends at Austin Beverage; they'd be the closest distribution partner to you. Their contact info is on our locator page.

  • Barb


    Hey, I totally love your product. I order online through thinkgeek, it's the only way for me to get it here in phx,az. I have been ordering cases every month for two years, now. I really hope you guys gain more popularity, it would be so convenient to go buy at some retail store. I just wanted to post I plea that you vow never to change the ingredients, I have tried other energy drinks that are more convenient to buy but they always have all this added stuff in it, that upset my stomach. That's what I really love about your product, it's just guarana, caffeine. I can get the boost I need, without stomach upset and without having to make coffee, and it tastes great. Thanks for hanging in there. Barb.

  • Michael


    Well, I just started to try bawls and I liked it so much I bought our local corner store out( 15 bottles to share with friends 8 for me) I really want to try the other flavors though. P.s you should sell it by the case some where( if you do tell me where please)

  • Jordan Graybush (Dj Jordan 3G)


    Thanks for the stickers! So if I am sponsored can I make a mix for you guys called the BAWLZ MIX? It would get 10's of thousands of views! And do you offer any discounts on drinks? Hit Me UP! :D

  • Adam


    i know they sold it at a few 7-11's back in PA but i recently moved to AZ and have had one hell of a time searching for your product im gunna have to give the distributor a call really soon

  • Sam


    Hey bawls, man I have been drinking bawls for years then all of a sudden you couldn't buy them anymore anywhere. Even the local micro-center is out half the time. BTW I live in Dallas Texas. Whats up with that please tell me you are not going away. I called that Dallas distribution place and they had no idea what I was talking about, I just wanted to order some bawls by the case is fine with me don't really much care in what form it comes hell I would buy it I.V. if I have to (squirt that stuff in to my mouth afraid of needles LAWL).

    • admin


      LOL. No need for I.V. My dear Sam, have no fear, we've gone nowhere, BAWLS is here! Give our friends at Lopez a call (info available on www.bawls.com/locator) and ask them to guide you to the closest stores to you that carry BAWLS.

      • Sam


        YES!!!! I called them and they got me what I needed. Keep it up bawls. BAWLS FOR LIFE!!!!

  • Kirkus


    HEY! So i LOVE your product, hands down best energy drink ANYWHERE! I know its sold where i live but i cant find it. Is their any way to find stores around me that sell it? I live in Nederland Texas.

    • admin


      Hey Kirk, Reach out to Innovative Beverage Group. You can find their contact info on www.bawls.com/locator. They might be able to guide you to the closest store that carries BAWLS.

  • Mike


    Hey, they used to sell this at pops off highway 66 in Oklahoma and they stopped carrying it for soem reason I was told that your company had went under as I had bought them out the time before. Is there no way to buy directly cases from you off this site? I have had a few friends in Kansas ask this question as well as places there just suddlen stopped carrying it even though it always sold out? I can talk to a store owner if you need a wholesale lic. to work out soem details please get back to me.

    • admin


      Hey Mike, we just checked with our sales team and they told us POPS just placed an order not too long ago. We suggest you swing by again- they have some fresh BAWLSaliciousness on their shelves so you should stock up!

  • Nick


    Bring Bawls back to Omaha, Nebraska please!!! I remember having it a few years ago, and now I can't find it anywhere.

    • admin


      Patience my good man. It'll be soon enough before you and BAWLS are together again.

      • Ryan


        I agree with the above. I have been looking for BAWLS in Omaha for a couple years now - to no avail! Thanks!

  • Alex


    Love your product, however finding it is a little hard, and they usually are out of stock. Is there a way to order online, even if it is by case?

    • admin


      Hi Alex, on our Locator page we have a list of online partners that carry and sell our product on the web. Hope that helps.

  • Jeff


    Any chance of getting it here in Montgomery or Aurora, IL? Thanks!

    • admin


      We've got some BAWLS in the area. Go to our Locator page and look up the closest distribution partner, they might be able to guide you to some locations near you that are stocking our goods!

      • Erica


        I know they can be found at SOME speedway gas stations,haven't found anywhere else :(

  • Thirsty Afghan


    Help! I need to order some to my APO in afghanistan. Why you no make easy to order online? I'll pay anything, just get me my cherry!!!!

    • admin


      Dear Afghan Friend, our Team is working on getting the Military Pack program back up and running and as soon as we get everything finalized we'll have them available for sale here. More details to come.

  • Nina


    Why did ThinkGeek adjust their picture so there isn't cherry anymore..., also lower the price of Bawls. Do they not plan on carrying it anymore? Is Cherry discontinued?! I am extremely sad!

    • admin


      Hi Nina, What's up with that? BAWLS Cherry isn't going anywhere; not if we have anything to do with it!

  • Nicole


    Thanks for a great product and site!! I love all the recipes! haha

    • admin


      Thanks Nicole. If you have any of your own that you'd like to share, we'd love to see them (and try them- he he he).

  • mr.300


    when can you guys start selling in south dakota, because i would know a lot of people who would buy a bunch of cases!

    • admin


      Hey Mr.300. We might be closer than you think! If you havent done so already, please join our FB fan page. We posted some really cool news about SD!

  • Brett


    Hello Bawls! I was wondering if you had any plans to come out with Bawls Exxtra and Geek Beer in a can?

    • admin


      We couldn't answer that for you. All we know is that our product engineers spend crazy amounts of hours in the lab coming up with new concoctions and bottling options! =) You'll have to wait and see...

  • Kat


    Oh bring bawls to Orlando or somewhere near there! Please. Cherry! How I wish there was a place to buy in Florida. Better yet hit up all of our 7-11's.

    • admin


      Hi Kat! There actually is a place to find BAWLS in Olando. Our good friends at Hard Knocks carry our products. http://www.hardknocksorlando.com check 'em out.

      • NinjaTunaTurtleNeck


        Why aren't there any bawls here in New Mexico? We need more bawls. We've been reading other comments about bawls, and we heard they were good.

  • Chris


    Any hope of bringing it back to the Midwest soon? Specifically the Kansas/Missouri area?

    • admin


      Working- working like mad. Whenever we sign on a new distribution partner to carry our products in any given area, we post it on our Facebook fan page first to let our fans know. "Like us" and stay tuned.

      • Jason


        I used to be able to buy Bawls in my town, in Kansas for years, then suddenly it disappeared? Did you lose distributors or something?

        • admin


          Hi Jason, We're working on getting back on the Kansas store shelves. As soon as we do, we'll make a big announcement on FB so "like us" and stay tuned. Unitl then, you can order from our online partners listed on our locator page. BAWLS.

  • Ross


    I miss Ball's im tired of having to drive to Micro Center to pick them up they used to give yo ua deal if you buy them by the case now they don't what happend to 7-11 selling them and target used to have them also speedway had them all the time then all of a sudden like 2 years ago they stopped what ever happend has it been 2 years already maybe only a year and half but maybe 2 what happened

    • admin


      Hi Ross, We miss you too. We're working our way back to store shelves all over the country. Just go to the locator page (map) and find your state. Then find the distributor closest to you and give 'em a shout. All our partners are way cool and they might be able to help you find a location close to you that carries our fine products. Don't lose hope- we never have!

  • Jamie


    What happened I was able to get it in Sayre,Pa. at a distrubitor....?

    • admin


      Jamie, check on our locator tab for the full list of distributors in PA. We've got the whole state covered.

  • josh s


    hey guys i love your drink i tried the locator tab for FL cant seem to find any stores in the Holiday,FL area ive checked lots of areas, 7-11 and target used to have but seem to no longer carry them i want moooorrrrreeeee where can i find them?!?!?!?! ty, a loving fan

    • admin


      Hi Loving Fan, Unfortunately, we haven't reached Holiday- but we've got sometihng in the works so keep your fingers crossed!

  • Shane


    How can I purchase Bawls on the website the old one used to let me but now and I cant figure out how to

    • admin


      Hi Shane, Sadly ya can't purchase yer BAWLS here. Instead, we've posted a map on our locator page that contains contact info for all of our distributors on land and online. Check 'em out!

  • Kevin


    y u no in NY anymore? i used to go to the local 7-11 and pick up tons of bawls, but now it says theres no more bawls here anymore =(

    • admin


      Hey ya Kevin, We're working our way north Dude. Give us some time. In the meantime, feel free to contact one of our online distributors. They'd be happy to ship you some.

  • Mary Hernandez


    Love the Bawls :) its really hard to find with out having to order it over the internet. From the first time I tried it I was hooked on it. The taste is so light and refreshing I just loved it!!!!!! My kids always laugh at me when I talked about how great it is. Because I really dont usually like that kind of stuff...so Kudo's for making such a wonderful drink. Thanks

    • admin


      Thanks Mary. Kudos for talking to your kids about BAWLS with a straight face. Ha ha!

  • Christine


    It doesn't appear there is an option for the public to buy stock in Bawls. Any plans for this in the future? Been a fan for many years & would like to support / invest in the #1 energy product out there :)

    • admin


      Hello Christine! Thank you for the support. We have many plans of growth and expansion so hang with us, keep supporting and believing in us and stay tuned for news and updates. As always, thanks for continuing to fuel your caffeine fix with BAWLS Guarana!

  • Daren


    are you also currently working on getting bawls to sell in the state of Oklahoma! i love bawls and so does most of my family.

  • DrunkenGeek


    ...I need to be able to find more Bawls in my locale. We only have one distributor, and they don't carry it often, or all the different flavors. I'm going through withdrawls...and the site looks so nice. Can't wait for some sweet swag!

  • Bawls Searcher


    So my friend and I are so in love with your product we travel to get it. Every other day there are two 7-11's near that we drive to so that we can buy them out. We go through about 20 bottles every two weeks. We need to start ordering wholesale, because 20 bottles is too much to pay retail for. Thank you so much for offering an amazing product!

    • admin


      Thank you for being such an AWESOME fan!

  • Melinda Godwin


    I tried submitting this in your "sponsorship"area but for some reason it is not going through. Please forgive me for having to post here. I am the lead singer in a band called Vigil Annie. I was introduced to your product during a Rock Culture Con after a long night of playing. Your product gave me the energy to make it through the convention. I am also a bike rally emcee/host and Dj, I perform around the country at motorcycle rallies, Military bases and events. My band intends to tour the U.S. next year and we would love to have you as our sponsor. I recently hosted a rally after putting in a 60 hour week, at the end of the weekend I had racked up 89 hours including travel time. It was your blue Bawls that got me through. I introduced my band to your product that weekend and it was a hit!! We are a high energy rock band, we go all in, Bawls to the wall!!! Bawls gives me the energy I need to rock more than just the crowds socks off! We would love to spread the word about your product all over the country! I hope you'll consider sponsoring us, if not please send me info on where I can find a retailer in lower Alabama. I currently have to purchase it by the case at one of the venues in Pensacola, FL where my band plays. I have been unable to find it in a store anywhere between Pensacola and Mobile, AL. I would even consider becoming a distributor. Thanks!

  • Melinda Godwin


    Bawls gives me the energy to rock more than just a crowd's socks off!!! If you come to one of my shows, you better have on your party pants and clean undies! LOL. I am a non-drinker who parties like a wild woman, thanks to Bawls! "Everyone should try our Bawls... they are delicious!" LOL That's the line that got me to try it in the first place, and I'm so glad it worked. You have an amazing tasting product that gives me the energy I need to survive the non-stop life of performing across the country. Please send me info on retailers in the Pensacola, FL area or how to become a distributor in South Alabama. Thanks!

    • admin


      We love your spirit Melinda! Check out our locator tab. The closest distributor to you right now might be in Mississippi (Perrone & Sons). Give them a shout and ask them to guide you to the closest place that they deliver to.

  • Brett


    Hello Bawls! I've been an avid fan for years. I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I can only find the blue and red cans in a few places throughout the valley. I was wondering how I could get a hold of the Bawls exxxtra. Also, I've been wondering if you are going to come out with the Exxtra and the Geek beer in a can??

    • admin


      Hello Brett, sadly we have no say in which of our products each particular store chooses to carry. Ask your local store managers to start picking up BAWLS EXXtra and that just might make the difference!

  • Dave


    One of the cadre in my Detachment will be deploying soon. What happened to your military pack that you would only send to military addresses?

    • admin


      We're working out some of the kinks and hope to have the program back up and running soon. Stay tuned for updates Dave.

  • Josh a


    why can't I buy it in Greensboro nc anymore?

    • admin


      We're working our way there. Just a little patience and before you know it, you'll be quenching your thirst with what's undoubtedly the most delicious beverage known to mankind! BAWLS!

      • Tycho


        I'm going have to second this. NC misses the delicious "nectar of the gods" which is BAWLS. There are tons of thirsty students, gamers, and people down here. Hope to see your amazing product return down here soon!

  • Margo Van Waveren


    Love your Product!!! Would Love to try the Cherry, and the Rootbeer!!! Just Wish However, we got "Bawls" In San Angelo, TX! Let me know when ya'll start Distributing in our Town!!!

    • admin


      BAWLS loves you back Margo! We're working on the remaining portions of TX- we'll keep you posted.

  • angry sailor


    I enlisted because you gave free drinks to active duty members...and now you don't offer that service to those that serve...gimme my free drinks!

    • admin


      Hi Angry Sailor, We are working on getting our Military Packs back in duty so frineds and family can send you a BAWLS care package of sorts! We'll keep you posted.

      • SPC Robert Castro II


        You have no idea how happy i am to hear this. I miss being able to drink this so much. Its been a long 2 1/2 years in Germany

  • Lesya V.


    Got a sneak speak of the site. Good job bawls guys.

    • admin


      Thanks for the love Lesya!

    • thomas


      how do i get a distribution franchise ? i would like to be a distributor.

      • admin


        Hi Thomas. Please send your inquiry to info@bawls.com.

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