BAWLS: Proud Sponsor of Mass Luminosity & Gaming Tribe

BAWLS is a proud partner of Mass Luminosity, an exciting global community of over 1.3 million gaming and technology enthusiasts connecting through popular social media channels around their shared passion for gaming.   

Mass Luminosity is widely known for designing and hosting epic global giveaways, featuring the very best of their corporate sponsor’s products, including highly anticipated AAA gaming titles, custom made gaming rigs, and of course BAWLS Guarana.    

Recently the team at Mass Luminosity launched Gaming Tribe, a new social media experience built exclusively by gamers for gamers.  Gaming Tribe goes beyond general public social media channels, fostering a friendly and fun environment and promoting in-depth game-related engagement.  Members of Gaming Tribe can set-up their own profile and PC pages, find friends, become fans of corporate sponsors, win great prizes, and more. 

Join the revolution and become a member of Gaming Tribe.

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