Original BAWLS Guarana: Infused with the delicious taste of crème soda and the Guarana berry as a source of caffeine, the original flavor in the signature 10oz glass bottle is by far the most popular and best selling of all BAWLS Guarana products. It’s sleek, trademarked blue glass bottle design and grip control bumps have become synonymous with the BAWLS brand name. The great taste and lack of post rush crash truly set it apart from the competition and make it a premium beverage that ignites the days and nights of thirsty fans everywhere. Also available in 16oz cans.



BAWLS Guarana Cherry: A hint of delicious cherry flavor added to the great tasting and functional formula of the original BAWLS Guarana makes the Cherry version a one of a kind. Recently launched in its premium glass packaging in celebration of the BAWLS company anniversary, it’s made a splash among consumers and is quickly becoming a very popular item in retailers across the US. Also available in 16oz cans.



BAWLS Guarana Sugar Free: This popular zesty drink is super charged to energize consumers with 1½ times the caffeine as the original BAWLS Guarana. The citrus based Sugar Free version boasts 0 Calories, 0 Fat, 0 Sugar and 0 carbs in its timeless bumpy bottle. Don’t mean to toot our horn on this one, but “toot toot”! Currently only available in our trademarked 10oz bumpy glass bottle.



BAWLS Guarana Root Beer: This is of the exceptionally unique Root Beers with added caffeine. Since its inception, this delicious, all American flavored super caffeinated soda has been a favorite among gamers, geeks and techies. The bumpy 10oz glass bottle was reinvented in amber colored glass to house the refreshing carbonated root beer drink with a kick! It’s available in retailers nationwide. Currently only available in our trademarked 10oz bumpy glass bottle.




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