Hypothetical situation: You are planning a gathering of humanoid life forms to engage in some variety of lighthearted social interaction. Let us boldly assume the following:

  1. That said life forms expect you, the planner of said gathering, to be wicked cool;
  2. That they have impeccable taste in beverages, and will at some point during the proceedings, become thirsty; and
  3. That they intend to remain at said gathering for as long their own biological energy reserves will permit.

You, the planner, have a responsibility – nay, an outright duty – to prove that first assumption to be spot on. How do you rock it? By alleviating your guests' collective thirst while simultaneously keepin' them amped. In other words: you need enough BAWLS on hand to fill an ocean. And depending on the nature of that hypothetical gathering, BAWLS will consider providing it to you for free – all you have to do is ask.


Hit us up with the details of your event and we'll let you know if we can get behind it. Whether it's some sweet BAWLS swag, a few cases of fine BAWLS beverages or a full-blown invasion of the BAWLS Brigade, we'll do whatever we can to show your peeps that you've got friends with BAWLS in high places. We do basement LAN parties, world-renowned blowouts like QuakeCon®, individual sponsorships, and everything in between.

Please do keep the following in mind when submitting your request:

BAWLS Financial Group is just an urban legend, people. Seriously, you gotta snopes this stuff. We provide BAWLS beverages and tchotchkes for event sponsorships, but at present, not cash. BAWLS itself will be the new currency once our plans for world domination are... we've said too much.

We like to think we know our fans pretty well, which means we stick primarily to event sponsorships that involve gaming – video or otherwise. However, we will cheerfully and thoughtfully consider sponsoring any event if we believe that those in attendance are BAWLS fanatics who simply haven't gotten the memo yet. Describe the demographic of your attendees. If they sound like our kind of people, it will increase the likelihood that we'll lend a delicious, caffeinated hand.

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