Why play ball with BAWLS?

BAWLS is, simply put, a pretty sweet place to work. Why? For starters, you get all the free BAWLS you can drink. Plus, you'll never find a more devoted, fun-loving team and batch of customers who make an already wicked fun job even better. And finally, there's the bragging rights. Imagine telling your peeps, “Yeah, I work for BAWLS now. I haven't slept for weeks, I just paid for this DeLorean with a duffel bag full of cash, and you couldn't jackhammer this smile off my face.”

Besides Vice President of Taste Testing, what other opportunities do you have for me?

That gig is spoken for – because at BAWLS, we're all VP's of Taste Testing. Here are the other areas where you can lend a hand.

  • REGIONAL SALES MANAGEMENT - Work directly with distributors and retailers to get BAWLS on the shelves of convenience and grocery stores. And later, the duty-free shops on space stations. (We're in talks with some... entities, we'll call them.)
  • OPERATIONS - Research and develop new BAWLS products and tweak our current products to keep 'em fresh, then get the stuff from our warehouse to wherever it's heading.
  • MARKETING - Establish partnerships with companies whose customers would dig BAWLS, and bring the BAWLS hammer down on events of all varieties – from a humble LAN party to the mighty QuakeCon.
  • INTERNS - They don't make photocopies and fetch coffee for suits – especially that last one, because we only drink BAWLS here and suits are itchy. Instead, we give our interns real jobs to do, and send them on their way with hands-on experience on what it takes to manufacture, distribute and market an innovative and nuanced retail product.

Current Openings:


Don't see anything above that's quite your speed? Send us your resume anyway to info@bawls.com. If a gig opens up that suits you, we'll send you a case of BAWLS and a cryptic clue scrawled onto a scrap of paper. The rest is up to you. (Or we might just call you in for an interview. That sounds easier.)