The milkman is but a fanciful and distant memory. The cola wars went the way of the cold war. Juice drinks are hardly juice. And tap water has always just been, well, tap water. Not long ago, the thirsty had only a few places to turn to remedy their condition.

Fast-forward to the overcrowded refreshment arena, where there's no lack of choice – but there is a distinct lack of quality and uniqueness. And as a company whose employees are often thirsty, sometimes sleepy and always filled with a Klingon-esque sense of honor and duty, we did what we had to do. We brought BAWLS to the thirsty, fatigued masses.

With all the skills of mad but mostly harmless scientists, the BAWLS team concocted an ultra-caffeinated soda using the guarana berry, giving the brew its indescribable flavor and caffeinated kick-in-the-teeth. But any marketer worth his berries knows that packaging is nearly as important as the product itself – thus, the iconic bumpy BAWLS bottles and circle-splashed cans were born.

Today, BAWLS has grown into a thriving, independent American company and a pioneer in the refreshment industry, ready to give a new generation the FUEL to take on the world.

BAWLS: The deliciousness and the Difference

The guarana berry is to the coffee bean as Godzilla was to Tokyo. Native to the Amazon Basin, the berry of this climbing plant is chock-full of guaranine. On a molecular level, it's the same as caffeine – but it is widely renowned for bringing about the same burst of energy and alertness as its counterpart, but with none of the jitters associated with regular caffeine and twice the duration.

Our flagship beverage, BAWLS Guarana Original, derives its unique flavor exclusively from the guarana berry. BAWLS Guarana ZERO, BAWLS Guarana Cherry, BAWLS Guarana Root Beer, BAWLS Guarana Orange, and BAWLS Guarana Ginger take that one-of-a-kind flavor and add their own delightful twists.

BAWLS doesn't just taste good – it tastes right. BAWLS has just the right amount of carbonation and sweetness to complement its rich flavor and high-energy boost.