BAWLS fuels sales

In the vast desert of inferior energy drinks, BAWLS is the oasis – for distributors, retailers, and consumers alike. The “Millennial Generation” is often considered a tough market. But those customers are discerning about their beverage choices. “The next big drink” has continually emerged in the marketplace, only later ending up as yet another “flavor of the week” to be quickly replaced by the next.

The BAWLS brand has 20+ years of consistent growth in sales, popularity and brand loyalty behind it – a clear demonstration of its staying power and incomparable character. You gotta see it to believe it – take a look at our fan page for a glimpse into the fervor with which our fans (and your customers) pay tribute to their beverage of choice. Offering BAWLS to your customers will put you ahead of the game in the rapidly growing soda, energy, functional beverage and new age segments of the market.


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