BAWLS Guarana all started as a class project to provide college students with a great tasting alternative to coffee. Keep in mind this was a time before the term “energy drink” was around. The idea: in addition to caffeine, use the natural power of the Guarana Berry, not yet known to the US, to fuel the drink. 

In 1996, BAWLS Guarana was released upon the world in the signature cobalt blue glass bottle making it one of the first drinks in the USA to use a natural energy supplement.

Turns out, BAWLS’ great taste, long lasting energy, bumpy non-slip glass bottle, and fun name, just so happened to be a perfect concoction. The blue bottle fuel soon became the go-to energy source. 25 years later we still have the best fans around! 

BAWLS & Gaming

BAWLS didn’t find gamers, the gaming community found BAWLS. After the bumpy bottle launched, many gamers and techies quickly discovered how great of a late-night fuel BAWLS was. This led to fans introducing it by the case at LAN Parties – spawning the BAWLS LAN party. BAWLS caught on to the trend and started supporting as many LAN Parties as possible from basement gatherings to small local events. The blue bottled fuel soon became a must have if you were gearing up for a LAN Party. 

BAWLS sponsored events also included early Cyberathlete Professional League tournaments around the country. QuakeCon, which started as a small local event, was sponsored early on by BAWLS. Now it’s one of the largest BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN party in the country and BAWLS is still the official drink today!