Bawls Guarana

Bawls Guarana Root Beer

Root beer is neither root, nor beer. Discuss. In fact, most root beer is utterly devoid of the precious caffeine for which BAWLS fans fiend. BAWLS Guarana Root Beer takes this All-American soda to the next level, adding our elusive guarana berry flavor with its caffeine kick to your cerebrum. The resulting brew? A hearty yet tangy root beer mash-up (replete with a frothy head) that'll take you back to the days of yore, sippin' on a root beer float on a hot summer day.

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64mg + 102mg caffeine

Drink Recipes

BAWLS Afloat

  • 8oz BAWLS Root Beer
  • 1oz Vanilla Schnapps
  • 2oz heavy cream or 1 scoop of ice cream

Hammered BAWLS

  • 4oz BAWLS Root Beer
  • 4oz Captain Morgan
  • 3oz apple juice