Aloha: BAWLS Dives into the Hawaiian Market

March 12, 2016 – Twinsburg, OH — BAWLS Guarana has officially arrived in the “Aloha State” by partnering with Koha Oriental Foods, a food/beverage distribution network in Hawaii, located in Honolulu.  The opportunity to distribute in Hawaii will allow BAWLS Guarana to be available to customers in 50 US states at retail or through E Commerce.  Koha Oriental Foods will distribute all BAWLS Guarana caffeinated soda products across the Hawaiian Islands.  BAWLS Guarana 10oz bottles will hit store shelves immediately

“We are pleased to partner with Koha Oriental Foods to expand our distribution in Hawaii,” said Jon Gunnerson, CEO of BAWLS Acquisition.  “This partnership will open up new opportunities to many BAWLS Guarana customers and loyal fans who could not previously get their caffeine fix in Hawaii”.

Time to soak up the sun.