BAWLS Guarana Expands E-Commerce Shipments to Canadian Consumers


BAWLS Guarana (BAWLS) highly caffeinated soda, is thrilled to announce that the company will be shipping their premium products across the border into Canada.  The decision comes after partnering with FedEx Supply Chain, the company’s exclusive fulfillment provider.  The move is in line with the company’s continued effort to rapidly grow their e-commerce portion of the beverage business.

The direct delivery service will offer Canadian fans an opportunity to purchase the highly sought soda online while providing quick, accurate fulfillment to their doorstep.  In addition, BAWLS is opening Alaska and Hawaii for shipping as well. 

“BAWLS Guarana has been working feverishly to get our product into the hands of our Canadian fans that have been supporting the brand for years.” said Jon Gunnerson, CEO of BAWLS Acquisition. “By partnering with FedEx, we now have an option for them to find and purchase our beverage portfolio at”

BAWLS continues to significantly grow their direct to consumer business by driving customers and fans to their webstore through social media tactics and web-based advertising, and promotions. New online initiatives to continue e-commerce expansion are planned for 2019.

At this time all BAWLS Guarana flavors are available to purchase for Canadian customers at the official brand website,