Introducing New BAWLS Guarana Ginger!


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Kellie D’Amato

BAWLS Guarana Launching New Flavor – BAWLS Guarana Ginger

February 8, 2017  – Twinsburg, OH — BAWLS Acquisition, parent company of BAWLS Guarana, is pleased to announce the newest flavor addition to its line of highly caffeinated premium sodas.  BAWLS Guarana Ginger is the 6th remarkable flavor to be added to the BAWLS line-up.  With the exclusive emerald green 10oz bumpy glass bottle, BAWLS will bring uniqueness to the ginger category as one of the only caffeinated ginger beverages on the market.  Brilliantly refreshing and zesty, BAWLS Guarana Ginger contains a sweet blend of natural flavors including real ginger.  In preparation for the launch, BAWLS Guarana has been hard at work increasing the brand’s social media presence, running online promotions, and expanding national distribution with retail chains and specialty stores to ensure loyal BAWLS fans and new BAWLS customers can conveniently get their BAWLS fix.


“Our BAWLS Team worked extremely hard to bring this exciting new caffeinated product to market in our iconic bottle with a gold crown,” says BAWLS Guarana CEO, Jon Gunnerson.  “Ginger will be an outstanding new addition to our soda line-up, teaming up with our great tasting Original, Root Beer, Cherry, Orange, and Zero.”


BAWLS Guarana Ginger will soon be available in stores and packaged in the iconic glass 10-ounce bumpy bottle.  In addition, Ginger and all the BAWLS Guarana products are available to purchase now on the official BAWLS Guarana website at and various online retailers, including Amazon.


About BAWLS:  BAWLS Guarana is a refreshing, super caffeinated soda, infused with Guarana, a naturally, caffeinated berry.  BAWLS’ smooth taste, eye-catching packaging and naturally-caffeinated kick has fueled the days and nights of millions of heavy-eyed students, techies, professionals and gamers everywhere since 1996.  Headquartered in Twinsburg, OH, BAWLS Guarana beverages are available at supermarkets, convenience stores and electronic retailers across the USA.  For more information, visit

For distribution opportunities, please contact BAWLS GUARANA at 888-731-9708 or