Origins Game Fair Turnstile Attendance Up 8,770

Columbus, OH-June 18, 2016 -

Origins Game Fair welcomed thousands of gamers to the Greater Columbus Convention Center this week. The annual convention brings international game companies to host events for all types of players.

Origins 2016 featured over 5,500 events, an increase of over 35% from 2015. The show also expanded into Battelle Hall, the Hilton Downtown, and area restaurants. One area of growth for the show was major tournament play, with the return of the WizKids World Championships, national tournaments for IELLO and Fantasy Flight Games, and regional tournaments for Mayfair, Konami, Bushiroad and Catalyst’s Battletech Open. There were also tournaments with large prizes, such as a Magic: the Gathering 10k Championship, Upper Deck’s $2,500 Vs Championship, and a $2,000 The Spoils Card Game tournament.  

"We ran a great event with significant growth and when we needed flexibility the Origins staff stepped in a made it happen,” said Justin Ziran, President of Wizkids Games, “additionally, the show is becoming a must attend event for our key partners and we were able to have extended conversation with partners in a relaxed, enjoyable environment"

With the absence of the large Star City event, Unique badges were close to last year's totals; short a slight 459 badges. Those badges were replaced with significantly more full show badges. Turnstile attendance shows many people returned to the show each day, rose to 52,561, an increase of 8,770 over last year.

“I am super excited to provide such a great event and we couldn’t do it without the support of our sponsors, especially Mayfair Games, our show Co-Sponsor, our exhibitors, volunteers, and all the GMs that help make the show great,” said John Ward, Executive Director of GAMA, who runs the convention, “We especially want to thank the great fans, who come and support us every year.”

 Origins Game Fair 2017 is June 14-18 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Hotel blocks will open for reservations beginning Sept. 1, 2016. Find out more at the website: