QuakeCon 2014: Still Recovering From Our Sleep Deprivation


We survived yet another year of QuakeCon! For those of you who are not familiar with QuakeCon, it is the largest BYOC (bring your own computer) in the country were people from all over come, bring their computer, hunker down and game… FOR THREE DAYS. Here is an article that summarizes the event better than we could:


This year we sold an unprecedented amount of BAWLS, a new record for QuakeCon!  How much BAWLS you ask? 4,799.9 gallons (adjusting for the BAWLS chugging contest spillage) worth of BAWLS. That could fill your bathtub 70 times with our sweet nectar… not that we are saying you should take a bath in BAWLS it’s just… you technically could.. 70 times, just sayin’.



The winner of the 2014 chugging contest was Kamikaze. He crushed the competition, winning all three rounds of heart pounding, crowd cheering, and brain freezing competition. Kamikaze breezed past his competitors by throwing back a 16 ounce can within 10.4 seconds. 

                                     Image removed.

This is DirtyTaco attempting to out chug Kamikaze in the final round. He ended the competition in 3rd. Look at that form!


We couldn’t be more appreciative of the amount of support and love we see from all of our fans at QuakeCon. Also, a big thanks to the entire volunteer and event staff that help make our jobs a little easier year after year.  What a great time! See you guys next year.