QuakeCon (A.K.A BAWLSCon) 2016 Has Come and Gone

Two weeks has passed since the end of QuakeCon 2016. The three days in Dallas, TX was full of cheer, laughter, competition and friendships (all while trying to convince the BAWLS employees to give you a free can of the good stuff). The self-engineered leaning towers of pizza boxes and BAWLS rose just as fast as they collapsed.

The BAWLS Chugging competition was more heated than it has ever been. The return of the 4-time champ Ken and last year's winner, DirtyTaco, heated the competition say the least. The BAWLS judges, with a controversial call, voted Ken as the 2016 BAWLS Chugging Contest champ. He out chugged DirtyTaco by .2 seconds making him a 6th-time champ. Ken announced via twitter later that he has officially retired from BAWLS Chugging. "I came, I saw and I am now a 5x QuakeCon BAWLS Guarana. It's best to go out on top. I officially announce my retirement." What will this mean for next years competition? We will have to see who can rise to the top now that Ken is out of the picture.

We had a load of fun caffeinating the whole convention and we can’t wait for next years shenanigans!