Safeway Oregon Division Adds BAWLS Guarana

December 7, 2015

Twinsburg, OH -- BAWLS Acquisition, the makers of BAWLS Guarana, highly caffeinated soda, has announced that the Oregon Division of Safeway is adding the beverage line to its cold box and dry shelf sections in all Safeway stores in Oregon and Southern Washington.

“We are pleased to introduce BAWLS Guarana flavors in Safeway, which include our bestselling original flavor, mandarin orange, cherry, and root beer. This is a great opportunity to partner with the Safeway Oregon division and give BAWLS Fans more options to fuel their caffeine fix.” says BAWLS Guarana CEO, Jon Gunnerson.

BAWLS Guarana flavors will be available in Safeway stores in the iconic glass 10-ounce bumpy bottle. In addition, all the BAWLS Guarana flavors are available on the BAWLS Guarana website at